Ryan elsos

Founder of Market Ready Realty

 As a general contractor and a real estate broker, my approach is hands on, innovative and goes beyond the traditional brokering service.  I have a passion for Real Estate and feel obligated to use the extensive knowledge I have accumulated to help others follow their dreams.”

judy wilde

Real Estate Broker

“In a competitive market it is important to work with a real estate agent who is committed, full time and always available.  When it comes to listing your home, I take great pride in my work and enjoy rolling up my sleeves.  I believe presentation is the key to getting successful offers.  Our Market Ready service is special and my clients agree.”

Joyce Sornito

Real Estate Broker


uma chand

Real Estate Broker

 “I love cooking for my family and friends! Talking and laughing over a meal with my family and friends makes me a healthier person. I’ve been in the medical billing industry over last 10 years and living in Seattle area for 20 years to know so much about Seattle 

Kyu Kwak

Real Estate Broker

 “I love homes and working with people! I take great pride in being a real estate broker since helping clients can be a rewarding experience. Joining Market Ready Realty was the best thing for me for I’m getting the friendly support that I always wanted.”

holly vaughn

Real Estate Broker

 “I’ve been in the customer servicing industry for more than 15 years. Love working with Judy and Ryan at Market Ready Realty and enjoy having the flexibility of being a part time broker.

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